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Energy Efficient Windows in Green Bay, WI

In response to rising energy costs, homeowners are turning to energy efficient windows in Green Bay to reduce electricity bills and enhance home comfort. Green Bay experiences a moderate climate influenced by its proximity to Lake Michigan, with cold winters and occasional lake-effect snow. These local climate conditions underscore the importance of well-insulated windows to maintain indoor comfort and energy efficiency.

According to the Department of Energy (DOE), inefficient windows can account for up to 20% of wasted energy in homes due to drafts and leaks. Installing energy efficient windows in Green Bay not only improves insulation but also tightly seals the window frames, reducing energy consumption and protecting HVAC systems.

Update or Replace Existing Windows

When evaluating your windows, consider their age, condition, and efficiency to determine whether updates or replacements are necessary to enhance energy efficiency and comfort.

If your windows are under twenty years old and still perform well, you may benefit from slight enhancements such as adding window coverings or films to improve insulation during extreme temperatures. These additions can help regulate indoor temperatures and reduce heating and cooling costs.

For older windows or those showing signs of poor performance, such as air or moisture leaks, replacement may be the most effective solution. If you feel drafts or notice condensation inside the windowpanes, it’s time to consider replacing your windows to improve energy efficiency and indoor comfort.

Replacing outdated single-pane windows with double- or triple-pane windows can significantly enhance energy savings by providing better insulation and reducing heat transfer. Choosing energy efficient glass further improves thermal performance, helping to maintain consistent indoor temperatures throughout the year.

Window Frames

When it comes to enhancing insulation, Fibrex® material stands out as an excellent choice for energy efficient windows in Green Bay. This exclusive composite material from Andersen combines reclaimed wood fibers and vinyl, offering exceptional durability and insulation properties. Fibrex® material is known for its strength, lasting twice as long as standard vinyl windows while requiring minimal maintenance.

Energy-Efficient Glass

Energy efficient glass plays a crucial role in maintaining comfort and reducing energy costs throughout the year in Green Bay’s climate. High-Performance™ Low-E4® glass, a premium option from Andersen, provides superior thermal insulation by keeping warmth inside during winter and blocking heat from entering during summer. This window technology is also designed to protect your home from harmful UV rays, helping to preserve furniture and interior décor.

Operating Types

The type of window you choose can significantly impact energy efficiency and comfort levels in your Green Bay home. Consider the following options based on their operational characteristics:

  • Awning and Casement Windows: These windows feature crank-style handles that tightly seal when closed, preventing drafts and enhancing energy efficiency. They are ideal for areas where a tight seal is crucial, such as in windy conditions common around Green Bay.
  • Picture and Specialty Windows: These windows are fixed and do not open, providing a permanent seal that eliminates drafts and leaks. They are perfect for capturing expansive views and maximizing natural light without compromising insulation.
  • Double Hung and Sliding Windows: These windows are designed for easy operation and are professionally installed to ensure a tight fit between the Fibrex® frame and the window opening. They offer flexibility in ventilation and are suitable for various room layouts in Green Bay homes.


When you choose Renewal by Andersen for your window replacement in Green Bay, you’ll experience a comprehensive and hassle-free process. We begin with a complimentary, in-home design consultation where our experts assess your needs and preferences. Precise measurements are taken twice to ensure accuracy, and your windows are custom-built to fit your home’s specifications.

Our master craftsmen build each window made-to-order with attention to detail before they are delivered to your home. On installation day, our Certified Master Installers arrive punctually with all necessary tools and materials. They ensure that your new windows are installed efficiently and effectively, paying close attention to sealing gaps and optimizing insulation.

After installation, we responsibly dispose of your old windows, adhering to environmentally friendly practices to minimize waste and impact on the environment. Our commitment to quality craftsmanship and sustainable practices ensures that your window replacement experience is seamless and environmentally conscious.

Confidence of ENERGY STAR® Rated Windows

ENERGY STAR® certified windows are renowned for their superior energy efficiency and reliable performance. At Renewal by Andersen, our Acclaim™ windows meet stringent ENERGY STAR® criteria, consistently delivering energy savings and comfort for homeowners in Green Bay. By choosing ENERGY STAR® certified windows, you can be confident in their ability to reduce heating and cooling costs while enhancing the overall comfort of your home.

Renewal by Andersen Sustainability

Renewal by Andersen is dedicated to advancing clean energy and sustainable practices. Our manufacturing campus in Cottage Grove exemplifies this commitment by operating on 100% renewable energy. From our factory to administrative buildings, we prioritize reducing our carbon footprint throughout the production of your custom windows.

In addition to using clean energy, our Certified Master Installers contribute to environmental stewardship by responsibly disposing of old windows. By minimizing landfill waste, we ensure that our installations align with our sustainability goals while enhancing the efficiency and comfort of your home.

Cost Savings

Year after year, Renewal by Andersen helps homeowners transform their living spaces with energy-efficient windows that deliver substantial cost savings. Replacing outdated windows with ENERGY STAR® certified options typically reduces household energy bills by an average of 12% nationwide. By effectively insulating your home against air infiltration and moisture, our windows reduce the need for frequent heating, cooling, and repair costs.

We offer various financing options and special offers to make upgrading to energy-efficient windows even more accessible. Take advantage of our discounts and promotions throughout the year, and with our financing plans, you may qualify for zero payments or interest for the first year after your window replacement.